Even though the pre-order is yet to launch, we've finalized wheel specs and pre-order pricing for the upcoming 16" RML Snowflakes.

We have to admit this one was easy: we've really just added an inch of diameter to the 15" design, adjusted the proportions appropriately, and kept everything else (except pricing, of course) the same. Actually, that's not entirely true: we added a 5x100 PCD option as well for you VR6 / Plus Suspension people*.

Brake clearance on the 15s already supported large OE and aftermarket brake upgrades, so there was no extra work needed in going up to 16".

Specs and (pre-order) pricing are as follows:

16x7 ET28 4x100 = $265 per wheel

16x8 ET30 4x100 = $269 per wheel

16x8 ET30 5x100 = $269 per wheel

Look for an update in the next week or so regarding the expected launch date for the pre-order. Unlike with the twelve-hundred 15" Snowflakes ordered, we only expect to order one thousand 16" wheels and quantities of 5x100 wheels will be very limited.

*5x100 option only available in 16x8