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FAQ for RML Wheels

Q: What is RML?

A: RML stands for Retro-Modern Line. It's our design philosophy that aims to take the best in automotive designs from the past and modernize them in regard to contemporary aesthetics, usability, and value.

Q: Why the Daisy? 

A: Simple; it's an iconic design that resonates with anyone who remembers what a big deal it was for the US market to get the first Mazda Miata roadster. At 14x5.5, though, its sizing isn't suitable for larger brakes and wider tires sizes. Incorporating a plus-1 bump in diameter, a bit of dish and some lip is a big part of the OEM+ RML design philosophy.

Q: Are you the same company that made the first series of RML Snowflakes? 

A: Yes. RML is operated by the founder of fifteen52, who offered the first RML Snowflakes back in 2010.

Q: Are the new versions made the same way as the OE Daisies?

A: No - they are better. Much better. This time around, we've Incorporated a more modern casting technique called Flow-Forming (aka Rotary Forging). This provides for a lighter and stronger wheel. In addition to being lighter, stronger, bigger and wider, the newer versions have been engineered to provide maximum brake clearance. We've done all this while maintaining the original look of the original Daisy wheel.

Q: Are these direct fit?

A: Yes! They use OEM ball-seat lugs. They will come with hub-centric rings for perfect fitment.

Q: Do OE Daisy caps fit?

A: Yes. We even did our best to match the finish of our wheel to the OE Daisy cap.

Q: How much do the wheels weigh?

A: The 15x8 RML Daisy weighs approximately 15-lb (we’ll be able to confirm once we have a final production wheel to test).


Q: Why should I pre-order?

A: Short answer: To receive a $30/wheel discount and make sure you'll get a set. Once the wheels arrive, the pre-order will end and the discount offer will end as well.
Longer answer: We will order a limited number of each wheel design for the entire world. We are not sure when (or even if) we will order more, but more than likely it would not be any time soon. The RML business model is designed not to sit on inventory, but to use our (very) limited capital to create new designs: in other words, our pre-orders could well be your only chance to purchase a set.

Q: Is there a shipping fee?

A: Yes, but since domestic rates vary over time we will not be able to quote you until the wheels are ready to ship. At that time you will receive a shipping invoice and once paid your wheels will ship and we will follow up with tracking info.

Q: Do you accept international orders?

A: Yes. But keep in mind that due to fluctuating costs, your shipping fee cannot be calculated until the wheels arrive at our location. Also, you are independently responsible for any fees or duties assessed by your government.
For UK/EU orders, please contact our agent at

Q: When are the wheels due to arrive at your location?

A:  As of 04/4/2024 the 15" Daises are due to arrive this July (delays are possible and we will make updates in the blog section of this website to the ETA as we go). 

Q: Is my pre-order purchase refundable?

A: Yes, and at any time, and for any reason, up until the point the wheels arrive at our warehouse. However, because Shopify does *not* refund merchant fees on refunded orders, we are forced to add a 3% processing fee for any canceled/refunded orders.

 Q: Will I receive updates on my order status/ETA for the wheels?

A: Not individual updates: we will post updates as we receive them on our @rmlsnowflakes Instagram page, as well as here under the website blog section.