I know we're still waiting on the 15" flakes to finally arrive (new update coming soon), but that doesn't mean I'm not still busy planning for the rest of 2023...

I am committed to making the new 18/19" design seen in an earlier blog, but before then I think it makes sense to first get the 16s into production. Why? Well, the demand seems pretty strong to me (super important), but also it's the fact the engineering couldn't have been easier ;)

For the 16" Snowflake I'm essentially just taking the 15" and enlarging the diameter by an inch. That's it. Widths will be the same at 7" and 8", I'll use a single flow-form mold again, and offsets and brake clearances will be the same as well. The only major difference this time is that my VR6 customers get to play too: along with the usual 4x100, a 5x100 PCD option will be available on the 16x8 version.

As for wheel weights and pricing, I'll have that info shortly, but expect the 16s to not be very much heavier or more expensive compared to the 15s. 

ETAs are still TBD as well, but I'm hoping to get a purchase order to the factory this month, which would mean a pre-order will follow shortly after.