Even though the pre-order is yet to launch, we've finalized wheel specs and pre-order pricing for the upcoming 18" RML Snowflakes.

For the 18" (and 19") designs we've modernized the aesthetics a bit to better suit the modern Mk7/8 Golf chassis. The new designs also facilitate the use of the requisite higher offsets these cars need.

Brake clearance will be generous and with flow-form manufacturing we're shooting for a target weight of approximately 21-lb.

Finish is in the iconic machined face / gloss back inserts look.

Specs and (pre-order) pricing are as follows:

18x8.5 ET35 5x100 = $349 per wheel (MSRP $379)

18x8.5 ET45 5x112 = $349 per wheel (MSRP $379)

Target ETA is late summer of 2023, and look for an update in the next couple weeks or so regarding the expected launch date for the pre-order. Unlike with the twelve-hundred 15" Snowflakes ordered, we only expect to order eight-hundred 18" wheels and quantities of 5x100 wheels will be very limited.