How about a little sneak-peek at what we’ve got planned in the way of an updated 18” and 19” Snowflake design (images shown are 19") for later this year?⁣ 

19x8.5 ET45 Snowflake

We're thinking 18x8.5 ET45 and 19x8.5 ET45. 5x100 and 5X112 are the anticipated PCD options.

For the larger diameter Snowflake design we wanted to modernize the aesthetic a little bit more, since some of the cars they’ll go on (Golf Mk7/8) are themselves quite modern. These newer chassis also require higher offsets and that greatly affects how much lip or concavity an 8.5”-wide wheel can have. ⁣

19x8.5 ET45 Snowflake

Most of all, we wanted to offer a version we feel VW themselves could have (should have?) offered from the factory on a Mk8 Golf GTI… I think we’ve done exactly that!

As with the 15” version, these larger diameters will also be flow-form and light weight.

Also as with the 15" version, once a PO is placed with the factory and an ETA can be established, we'll be using this space to launch a pre-order.

Stay tuned!

Pricing is still to be determined.