I'm so stoked to be able to announce that I've brought on someone to cater to my UK and EU customers.

I understand that shipping costs from the US to Europe are expensive, unpredictable at times, and involve taxes and duties that I have no control over. Having a more local option for UK and EU customers will definitely make things easier for everyone.

I've worked with Julian and Rich at RareRims in the past (they ran the UK/EU distribution program for fifteen52) and I have all the confidence in the world in them. They plan to offer pre-order options for all UK/EU customers, and will also stock any unsold wheels at their UK warehouse.

Ordering will take place in the same way I do it here: RareRims will place orders with my factory based on predicted demand. They will offer pre-order spots until the wheels sell out or land at their warehouse.

They are currently working on adding RML to their website but in the meantime they can be reached at wheels@rarerims.co.uk

With RareRims now onboard, RML bottom-line pricing, availability, and even customer service should all prove more attractive for my UK and EU customers.