See the photo below? That's a lot of wheels, right? Well, for several 15x7 Snowflake customers, it's less "a lot" and more like "not enough".

To put it briefly, I got shorted 75 of the 700 15x7 wheels I ordered. And since they had been sold out for some, this means that about 19 customers have been told the bad news.

Each 15x7 customer has been offered three options: switch their order to a set of 15x8 with an additional 10% discount, wait for the "missing" wheels to be delivered to me (see below for details), or receive a full refund.

Most folks chose to switch to the 15x8s, but more than a few diehards have elected to wait until I can get them their 15x7s.

Since I've paid for the missing 75 wheels, the factory intends to make good on the order. They will start on production ASAP. Since shipping only 75 wheels is not cost-effective, I have instructed the factory to produce an additional 125 wheels, for a total of 200.

This means that there are now more 15x7 Snowflakes available to order on the website.

Since the 16" Snowflakes are currently scheduled for production in the next week or so (pre-order will launch next week), I will have the additional 15x7 wheels shipped with the 16s. Current ETA for both sizes is July/August.

So while this shortage has regrettably been disappointing for some of my customers, it has also opened up the prospect for those who missed out the first time to still secure a set of 15x7 Snowflakes.